ZOO Bratislava


General information

Zoological garden Bratislava
Municipal contributively institution
Set up by: Bratislava, the Capital of the Slovak Republic
Established: May 9th 1960

Main activities:
• Breeding and conservation of endangered animal species
• Scientific and research work
• Education of the public with the aim to create a sense of responsibility, as well as raising conservation awareness about the nature in the form of lectures, educational panels and labels about animals, ecological education events and programmes for schools
• Designing conditions for relaxation and daily recreation

Area in ha (total/exhibits): 96/35
Number of animals (species/specimen): 178/1016

Number of staff members: 68

The most vulnerable animals: Addax antelope, European bison, White rhinoceros, Turkmenian kulan, Pygmy hippopotamus, Golden-cheeked gibbon, Sri Lankan leopard, Cotton-headed tamarin, Gray mouse lemur, Pygmy loris, Przewalski´s wild horse and many more

Notable exhibits:
• Breeding facility for South African lions, Tigers (white form), Jaguar and Sri Lankan leopards

Primate house for Common chimpanzee and Sumatran orangutan
• Terrarium and exhibit of exotic species with Slender-tailed meerkats, tropical monkeys, sloths, armadillos, and two new fresh water Malawi and Tanganyika aquariums
• Enclosures of rhinoceroses and kangaroos
• Enclosure of zebras and giraffes
• Enclosures of antelopes and pygmy hippopotamuses
• Lakes in a natural style with flamingos and pelicans

ZOO Bratislava is a member of these professional organizations: