ZOO Bratislava - príspevková organizácia Hlavného mesta Slovenskej republiky Bratislavy


Programmes for Primary Schools - I. grade





Apes and Us (40 min. program + 20 min. guide tour)


They are our closest relatives and we may have a lot more in common than we think. Explore different species of apes with us, learn about their life, behaviour and threat.


Following the Trails of Big Cats (40 min. + 20 min.)


Reveal the secrets of these majestic creatures. Find out why tigers are endangered. You will be able to distinguish jaguars from leopards and you will become a part of a lion pack.


Snails and the Other Magical Invertebrates (workshop 40 min.)


Take a closer look on our giant african snails. They are not that ugly and useless as they seem to be. Together, we will follow the trail of many other spectacular terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates. We will also inspect the insect hotels. 


Wonders of Wild Africa (40 min. + 20 min.)



Let’s go together to the african savanna. Learn about different species of antelopes, their super powers or find out more about the giraffe's patterns and zebra’s stripes. 


Mysteries of the Sea  (40 min.)


Dive in with us and meet many fascinating sea creatures - sharks, corals, whales. You will learn how to protect them even though there is no sea around here.


Guide of the Planet Rescuer (40 min.)


Become an ecologist for a day and help us save the planet! You will uncover how to recycle properly, how to behave in nature and how even the smallest step can help to save our planet.


Problematic Souvenirs - Crimes in the Nature (40 min.)


You are going back from your vacation. Suddenly a customs officer stops you and opens your luggage. What does one find there? You will uncover which souvenirs are problematic and what are other threats that challenge animal’s ability to survive.


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