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Programmes for Secondary Schools - II. grade


Practical workshop: collection and observation of insects, animal behaviour, etc. 


TOPIC (1 hour)


Endangered Animals (IUCN)


Do you fancy a soup from shark fins? No? Find out what are the major threats to wildlife and what you can do to stop mass extinction.

A Monster Called Zero Waste (workshop)


Is it even possible to live completely without waste? Learn more about zero waste movements and make your own delicious alternatives to common cosmetic products.

Rainforest on a Plate - Palm Oil Issues


The sound of running river is disrupted by the sound of heavy mining machinery. You will discover the reasons of tree exploitation in the forest and you will learn more about a palm oil issue.

Problematic Souvenirs - Crimes in the Nature


You are going back from your vacation. Suddenly a customs officer stops you and opens your luggage. What does one find there? You will uncover which souvenirs are problematic and what are other threats that challenge animal’s ability to survive.

Waste in Everyday Life


Is recycling still a mystery to you? Do you want to know more about circular economy and bioplastics? This is the right place to be.

Mysteries of the Sea


Dive in with us and meet many fascinating sea creatures - sharks, corals, whales. You will learn how to protect them even though there is no sea around here.

Biomes and Us


Learn more about various corners of the world, what is so specific about them, what threatens them and how to protect them. Find out more about the world full of incredible animals and plants.


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