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Project learning


For all higher secondary students and high school students who would like to do their research project on biology, the Bratislava Zoo’s Department of Education has prepared a course with the goal of advising students and assisting them in executing the project. The subject matter for the projects can be varied, from ethological studies of primates, land mammals, birds or reptiles, to studies focused on how the Zoo functions, endangered species and ecology.

What will you gain by participating in the project learning?

As specific objectives
Planned structuring of the research project

Session 1 
Introduction to the research project, theme specification, goal setting, creating hypotheses.  Outline the project plan.   

Session 2 
Evaluation of intermediate objectives and observations. Non-formal meeting of all participants and mentors. Students will have an opportunity to interview zookeepers/ zoologist (if it is needed for their research). 

Session 3 
Meeting with the mentor, preparation of the materials for the final version of the research project. Students will have an opportunity to ask final questions and do the last corrections of the research project. 

Consultation sessions 
Every Wednesday from 3 to 5 pm, students can come to the Zoo to consult bibliographical sources, studies and journals, as well as requesting any guidance or advice that they need.   

Observation sessions
All students receive a card that lets them enter the Zoo to make observations whenever they like and during the times most convenient for them. The card is valid for three months.

How to increase their motivation about the animals?


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