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Sponsoring of animals in the Bratislava Zoo

Join the conservation programme for endangered animal species contribute for food, and an annual nutrition or for well being of animals in our Zoo!

The most important role of zoological gardens around the world is a conservation of endangered animal species. Some species have, thanks to human expansion, disappeared from the nature and today survive only in captivity.

The costs of ensuring a smooth functioning of all sectors in our Zoo increase from year to year. This is due to rising prices of nutrition, medicaments, energy, as well as other material. Zoological gardens in Slovakia and the Czech Republic are a municipal contributively institutions and, hence, none of them is able to support itself with the money gained from admission fees or services to the visitors. Therefore, as other foreign Zoos, Bratislava Zoo offers the opportunity to support an animal. Sponsorship is a form of an immediate help for a chosen animal according to own selection.

Also YOU can support our effort to conserve the unique animals for the generations to come. Choose one the most suitable animal for you which you would like to sponsor and inform us about your decision. You can send us an email to our address zoo@zoobratislava.sk. Payment is possible as a financial donation by cash or by bank transfer (account number: 2666000209/1100), as a single contribution or in instalments.
Our sponsors and donors can be private persons, teams, entrepreneurs, companies, schools simply anyone who would like to help.

Your can contribute towards:
An annual nutrition for a chosen animal
Building and reconstruction of enclosure facilities
General development of the Zoo

Advantages of sponsoring:
We take in writing a donor agreement with our sponsors and donors
An alternative form of advertisement - label with your name (photo), firm logo, or the name of a school will be placed near an exhibition of a chosen animal
An unconventional present for your loved ones
List of our sponsors and donors is published on our web page and in our annual reports
We organise a special event on the World Animal Day for our sponsors and donors

Sponsoring is a form of immediate help for a particular animal of your choice.

Up-to-date list of animals for sponsoring (xls).