ZOO Bratislava - príspevková organizácia Hlavného mesta Slovenskej republiky Bratislavy


Visitor rules



Keep your entrance ticket during your visit
It is your insurance against injury in case the VRs were not violated.

Respect opening hours
Opening hours at the zoo vary depending on the season. Please leave the area:
April - September before 7pm
March and October before 5pm
November - February before 4pm

Group supervisor is responsible for following the VRs
Person in charge is responsible for safety and behaviour of all group members.

Serious incidents are to be reported at the reception or ticket office
Such as injuries, losses, findings…

Dogs are not allowed in our Zoo
Due to health and safety reasons animals not kept within our Zoo are not allowed to enter. Exceptions are guide and assistance dogs.

Move on foot
Within the Zoo area, it is not permitted to use bicycles, roller skates, skateboards, and scooters. These types of non-motorized vehicles disturb animals and can be dangerous to other visitors. Exceptions are tricycles, children push cars etc., prams and, of course, wheelchairs.

Play safely
Children supervision is responsible for following safety rules, taking into account climate conditions, while using playgrounds and other attractions within the Zoo grounds.

Keep quiet
All noisy objects, players, fireworks and other objects that might endanger or disturb the animals or visitors do not belong into the Zoo. It is not allowed to knock on glass, cages and bars - animals are very disturbed by this, they may panic and hurt themselves by trying to escape the enclosure. Every animal needs time to rest and sleep; if this is the case at the time of your visit, please respect it and do not try to wake the animals.

Maintain cleanliness
Please do not pollute the ZOO. Your litter belongs in the bin.

Take care of own safety
Do not touch the animals, do not stick your hands into cages and through bars, do not climb through barriers. Any attempt of direct contact with animals can be life threatening to you and your children.

Do not feed the animals
Each species in our Zoo has a well-defined diet. Your food can our animals make sick, gain weight or even die. If you want to help to feed our animals, sponsor their annual ration!

Aggressive persons, persons under the influence of alcohol or other drugs that harass or threaten other visitors will be ordered to leave the Zoo premises.

The Zoo is not responsible for injuries and damages caused by failure to comply with VRs.

Have a pleasant and peaceful stay in our Zoo.


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