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A male Arabian Oryx calf was born

On December 22 2017, a male Arabian Oryx calf was born in our Zoo. Father Thiory was born in Thoiry Zoo in France. Mother Haiti comes from Dvůr Králové Zoo. It is her third offspring (first was male, second female). The birth took place without complications, Haiti is an experienced mother and for her young cares very well. At the moment, the female together with the calf is separated from the herd. First week they spent together in the indoor facilities, during the second week they were allowed to come out for a short period of time so that the young antelope gets used to the new environment and learns to come inside when called by keepers. Since the third week, the mother and the calf joined the rest of the herd and therefore can go in the outdoor enclosure for a longer time.

This desert antelope is perfectly adapted to live in harsh, dry conditions. In the head, there is a special blood coagulation system to keep the brain from overheating. The fur is of sandy colour which reflects the sun rays away, and therefore does not overheat. Their coat has an undercoat that accumulates heat in case of need and releases it during cold winter nights. Legs darken in colour in the winter time to keep warm.

a small oryx calf feeding oryx calf