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Eurasian Wolf Surgery at Bratislava Zoo

After the opening of the new Eurasian Wolf enclosure in April 2017, we transported four wolves from Spain to our Zoo. It is an addition to our small pack, a male and female.
The wolves had to be immobilized prior to transport to our Zoo. There was an accident during the immobilization during which a small metal part of the immobilization injection got stuck in the pelvic bone of one of the wolves, named Pontos. Because the entire transport had to be carried out quickly, the metal part could be taken out only after the transfer of the wolves to Bratislava Zoo, by MVDr. Andrej Barta, PhD., our contracted veterinarian.
The actual preparation of the animal for the surgery, the course of the surgery itself, and the subsequent withdrawal from the narcosis occurred without complications. Several hours after the surgery, we let Pontos into the enclsoure where he is enjoying a good health ever since.

Surgery Surgery Surgery Eurasian Wolf