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Help for our meerkats

Meerkats are very popular animals liked by both, our visitors and zookeepers. We have started to breed them in 2003 and our goal is to continue with their breeding. 

Their current enclosure was made for a different species of animals 25 years ago and it has seen better days. Base of the enclosure and a whole terrain do not meet the technical and safety standards. Meerkats are very specific animals because they dig holes and tunnels. Risky terrain downslided and a main part of the underground tunnels collapsed. Because of the safety of our animals we had to make a temporary tunnel that leads from inside to the outer enclosure. Complex reconstruction of the whole outside enclosure is needed. Our vision is to copy their natural habitat so the place will be fully functional and pleasant for our visitors too. We have a lot of inspiration from our partner zoological gardens and we are working on a new visualisation of the planned exposition. We have to collect a significant amount of finances to make it happen so any contribution from our supporters would be very welcomed. You can help us and together we can give them a lovely natural enclosure. 

Account number: SK 3575000000000025849043

Variable symbol: 218 (Please include your full name in the note)

We appreciate your kind help!