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New enclosure for Brown Bear!

The Brown Bear enclosure was built in 1960. The run is made of concrete which should ensure its easy maintenance. The parameters of the enclosure are small so that the animal was always visible to visitors. Since the current trends of modern Zoos are completely different, with main emphasis on the welfare of animals, we decided that after the successful construction of a wolf enclosure, we will embark on a new run for our Brown Bear Felix.

New enclosure should provide sufficient living space for up to three bears. It should have the size of two football fields and should be located in the forest part of the Zoo where there is enough trees. Estimated costs for the construction of a new enclosure are estimated at 500,000. Like in the case of the wolf run, unfortunately we can not build a bear enclosure from our own resources. Therefore, we would like to ask you, our friends and supporters, for help. With your financial support, we hope that we will build a run for Felix in the shade of trees.

If you would like to financially support the construction of a new Brown Bear enclosure, please contact our Education and Marketing Department at the Bratislava Zoo via e-mail: alexandra.ritterova@zoobratislava.sk.

Thank you!

1. The current Brown Bear enclosure
2. An example of how we imagine the future bear run
3. Campaign Logo - A New Home in the Shade of Trees

old enclosure vision of new enclosure campaign logo