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Young European Bison female was transported from Bratislava Zoo to Finland

On February 7 2017, transport of female European bison (Bison bonasus), born at Batislava Zoo on August 11 2014, took place. Father of the young female is Cvajan (born August 11 2005) and mother is Princess (born October 13 2005).

Two and a half year old female was transported to Helsinki Zoo on the recommendation of the EEP (European Endangered Species Program) coordinator.

The transport was carried out by the Dutch transport company Crossborder Animal Services.

The transport itself had been prepared for several months and was preceded by constant communication between Bratislava and Helsinki Zoo, as well as preparation of the necessary documents.

The young female was trained by positive reinforcement method, which reduces stress of the animal during its handling. She learned to step aside from the herd and her mother to the point of separation which she was rewarded for with a carrot or an apple.

Before the transport, she went through veterinary examination to make sure she met physical health requirements of the importing country.

At around 5 pm, our young female headed to her new home. We wish her a great new life in Finland.

zubor europsky  nacvik zubrice na manipulaciu  transportna firma