ZOO Bratislava


ZOOclub at home - part n. 2






Monday Quizz:

It is Monday and our "ZOOclub" at home is starting with a new animal!

You will get 3 hints, can you guess what animal will be discussed this week? We are looking forward to all your right answers.







Tuesday Quizz:

1. Territory of a male is bigger than of a female?                          

a) yes

b) no


2. Adult leopard can weigh up to:

a) 80 kg

b) 70 kg

c) 60 kg                                                                                                          


3. Sri lankan leopard is one of the biggest subspecies?            

a) yes

b) no


4. Guess the length of leopardís tale?                                              


5. Name at least three species of animals that leopards hunt for.


Correct answers: 1. yes, 2. a - 80 kg, 3. yes, 4. from 60 to 97 cm, 5. small and middle sized ungulates, monkeys, birds, small animals like frogs.


 Wednesday Quizz:

1. What are the main threats for Sri lankan leopards?


2. What is the origin of the word leopard?


3. Are they good swimmers? 

a) for sure

b) not at all       


4. They can pull up a pray multiple times heavier than their body weight . How many times heavier?

a) two times

b) three times

c) our times                                                                                         


5. What is a mortality rate of their offsprings?

a) 30%

b) 70%

c) 50%                                                                                                             


Correct answers: 1. habitat loss, hunt, using their body parts for a traditional medicine, 2. from the greek word leopardos, leon as lion and pardos as a male panther, 3. a - for sure, 4. b - three times, 5. c - 50%

Thursday Game

Did you know that leopard can jump up to 6 meters and more than 3 meters high?

Today's game will be very easy. We are going to become leopards!

- mark 6 meters on the floor and 3 meters from the floor to some high place

- let children jump and count how many jumps it took to jump 6 meters

- more they are going to try the better they are going to be at it

Have a fun!