ZOO Bratislava


ZOOclub at home - part n. 3




Easter Monday:

This week we are not going to discuss just one animal, but 4!

Can you guess all of them according to our hints? We are looking for a name of the group where those 4 species belong.

Here we go:

  1. species sing every morning

  2. species built nests on the trees

  3. species is very similar to us

  4. species is not in our zoo

What is the name of the group where those species belongs to?

Tuesday Quizz:

1. Whose feet are these?

a) gorilla
b) orangutan
c) chimpanzee
d) gibbon

2. Gibbons exhibit sexual dimorphism?                                          
yes - no 

3. Orangutans has left the ape line about 15 mya. How much of DNA we have in common with them?

a) 85 %
b) 90 %
c) 97 %                                                                                           

4. Orangutans are the heaviest animals living on the trees?
yes - no 

5. Why are orangutans critically endangered?

Correct answers: 1. d - gibbon, 2. yes, 3. C - 97%, 4. yes, 5. habitat loss, burning down the forest and planing oil palm trees










Wednesday Quizz:

1. Chimpanzees can learn sign language.                   
yes - no

2. For how many years mother stays with her infant? 
a) 3
b) 5
c) 7                                                                         

3. Chimpanzees are hunted for their meat.             
yes - no

4. How tall is a gorilla male?
a) 140 cm
b) 160 cm
c) 180 cm                                             

5. Are gorillas critically endangered?                       
yes - no

Correct answers: 1. yes, 2. c - 7, 3. yes, 4. c - 180 cm, 5. yes


 Thursday activity