ZOO Bratislava


ZOOclub at home - part n. 4





Monday Quizz:

 Can you guess our next group of animals?

  1. letter is an initial letter of the slovak name for a porcupine

  2. letter is an initial letter of a green lizard that you can find in our zoo

  3. letter is an initial letter of a latin word for coati

  4. letter is an initial letter of an animal dying because of burning rainforests 

Can you come up with the rest of the word?

We are looking forward to you answers :)  

 Yes, the correct anwer is DINOSAURUS

Tuesday Quizz:

1.When dinosaurs first appeared on the planet?
a) 65 mil. years ago
b) 120 mil. years ago
c) 220 mil. years ago                                                    

2. Pteranodonís wingspan had 7 meters! Did it have also hollow bones like birds nowadays?                
yes - no

3. Brain of Stegosaurus had approximately 10 cm?                 
yes - no

4. Plates on the back of Stegosaurus were mainly for defence and?
a) they made their bodies lighter
b) caught energy from the Sun
c) for decoration                                                                     

5. What is on the picture?         









Correct answers: 1. c, 2. yes, 3. no - it had only 3 cm, 4. b, 5. bone structures on the tail of Stegosaurus

Wednesday Quizz:

1. Brachiosaurus had to eat 380 kg of food every day. What was his weight?
a) 15 tons
b) 25 tons
c) 50 tons                                                                                          

2. Why had Triceratops beak-like mouth?

3. T-Rexís teeth were 20 cm long. It had more than 50 of them?
yes - no      

4. T-Rex was one of the last dinosaurs that went extinct?
yes - no      

5. Are birds descendants of dinosaurs?         
yes - no    

Correct anwers: 1. c, 2.
because it was a herbivore and it was easier to get plant based food, 3. yes, 4. yes, 5. yes

Look what we have prepared for you on Thursday: