ZOO Bratislava


ZOOclub at home - part n. 6





We are starting a new week in our ZOOclub at home. This time we have a short crossword for you.

1. 8- legged helper
2. “Unicorn” living in the sea
3. Home of lions, giraffes and antelopes
4. Eucalyptus- eating marsupial
5. Flightless bird found in Australia 




Correct answers: 1. spider, 2. narwhal, 3.Africa, 4. koala, 5.emu


1. What type of snakes you can find in our ZOO?
a) venomous snakes

b) nonvenomous sankes (kill by constriction)    

2. This is:
a) Corn snake
b) Sinaloan milk snake
c) Burmese python   












3. Why snakes shed their skin?

4. Are snakes slimy? 
yes - no 

5. This is: 
a) Rough green snake
b) Green tree python
c) Emerald tree boa













Correct answers: 1. b, 2. b, 3. They shed their skin because of growing, younger snakes shed more than adults. Apart from growing it is a way to lose their skin parasites too., 4.no, it is a common misconception, 5. b


1. Pythons have 6 rows of teeth. 
yes - no       

2. Did you know that so-called flying snakes exist? We know 5 species and they live mainly in the forests in Asia. They can strech their bodies and glide from a tree. How many meters they can glide? 
a) 50 meters
b) 25 meters
c) 15 meters            

3. There are over 3000 species of snakes in the world. 600 are venomous and only 200 might be a threat to humans. How many are on the IUCN list? 
a) 20
b) 50
c) 100                              

4. This is a skull of:
a) venomous snake
b) non venomous snake            


5. This is a skull of:
a) venomous snake
b) non venomous snake     



Correct answers: 1. yes, 2. b, 3. c, 4. b, 5. a


The last activity this week will be a bubble snake. You will need a plastic bottle, one sock and a detergent.

Cut the bottle. Put on a sock and fold. Then put the sock into the detergent with water…

...aaaaaaand blow!