ZOO Bratislava


ZOOclub at home - part n. 7




Monday Quizz

This week we are going to explore an unusual group of animals. Can you guess which one according to our hints?

-they have a premature birth

- they live on the land, trees, meadows or forests

- their body temperature varies

- they have a primitive brain

- they are mammals 


Correct answer: marsupials


1. Which animals are marsupials? 

2. This is itjaritjari, animal with a golden fur that lives in Australia. Is it a marsupial? 
yes - no 


3. This is opossum. Its pouch has shrinked and only a small skin fold is left. Where would you find opossums? 
a) Africa
b) America
c) Europe
d) Asia     


4. Which marsupials can you find in our ZOO? 

5. Red kangaroo is the biggest marsupial in the world. 
yes - no 













Correct answers: 1. kangaroos, opossums, Dasyuromorphia, bandicoots, etc., 2. yes, 3. b, 4.  red kangaroo and woylie, 5. yes


Kangaroos know how to go backwards. 
yes - no 

Did you know that female kangaroo can produce two types of milk? One for a newborn and one for an older offspring. How long the pregnancy lasts? 
a) 100 days

b) 56 days
c) 33 days                              

What is the maximum speed that red kangaroo can achieve?
a) 25 km/h

b) 70 km/h
c) 90 km/h                              

Woylie uses its tail to collect twigs and it makes a nest out of them.
yes - no                            

Woylies live near Perth in a scattered localities. Are they critically endangered? 
yes - no 

Correct answers: 1. no, 2. c, 3. b, 4. yes, 5. yes