ZOO Bratislava


ZOOclub at home - part n. 9






Welcome to the ZOOclub at home. You try to guess the animal after looking at following photos.

We are looking forward to your answers :)





1. Tiger is the biggest of cats. How much it can weigh?
a) 200 kg

b) 260 kg
c) 360 kg

2. Tigres love water and swimming. 
yes - no

3. What are the oldest fossils of tigers ever found? 
a) 1 mil. years
b) 2 mil. years
c) 3 mil. years

4. Tigerís roar can be heard for more than 3 km. 
yes - no

5. Tigres are hypercarnivores. What prey do they hunt?  

Correct answers: 1. c, 2. yes, 3. b, 4. yes, 5. antelopes, deer, wild pigs,...


1. There are more tigers in captivity than in the wild. 
yes - no

2. Tigers are critically endangered and the population is still declining. Why?

3. Our white tigers are a genetic variation of the tiger species. They are white with blue eyes and brown stripes. How do we call this variation? 
a) leucism
b) albinism
c) melanism

4. In our zoo, you can see female Shilang and male Achilles. They are older. Can you guess the age of Achilles?
a) 9 years
b) 14 years
c) 18 years

5. Male and female tigers live in pairs.
yes - no

Correct answers: 1. yes, 2. loss of habitat, trophy hunting, killing for a body parts, 3. a, 4. c, 5. no - they meet only when it is the time for reproduction


Our last activity this week will be an easy practice of motor skills. All you need is a chalk. Draw tiger footprints on the pedestrian area. You can draw them in various sizes and colors and let kids jump on them. Feel free to change their tasks, children can count footprints or name their colors (in any language).